Eye Coordination Disorders

Eye Coordination Disorders

To see clearly, the eyes need to focus on an object and aim accurately at that object. If both eyes are not aimed at the object accurately, a person may experience double vision. Some people do not develop this ability as children and their eyes tend to turn in or out.

People can usually keep their eyes pointing in the right direction, although they may feel some strain which causes headaches and eye strain.

Occasionally the tendency for the eyes to point in different directions is so strong that one eye will look in the desired direction, while the other one is effectively 'switched off' and points in another direction. This is known as strabismus or squint.

We measure how well your eyes align and how much of a strain it is to keep them aligned. If there is a problem, we may prescribe glasses or exercises to help.



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Did you know?

  • "If you could buy a camera with the same resolution as your eye it would take over 50 days to load an image on your computer!"

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