Aftercare and Fitting

After choosing which type of contact lenses you feel are most suitable, you will need to have them fitted by one of our Optometrists, who all have undergone specialist training in the fitting of lenses.


Fitting will take a minimum of two appointments with our Optometrist, with each appointment lasting around half an hour. During this examination we will measure your eye in order to tailor the right lens size to ensure the best vision and comfort. Our Optometrist will also put the lens onto your eye for the first time and make an assessment on how well it fits before proceeding.

Assuming the lens fits well and provides you with good vision, you will then receive what we refer to as a call handling session. During this session one of our trained members of staff will run through how to insert and remove the lenses, if this is your first time using them, and how to care for and store them.

You will then be able to try the lenses for a week, free of charge, to ensure you are 100% happy with them.


After you have had this trial you will be invited for a follow-up appointment to check that everything was ok and, if necessary, to make any tweaks to your contact lens prescription so you have the best vision possible. At this stage you will then be able to choose which payment option suits you the best and we will arrange for you to have the necessary quantity of lenses, e.g. if you have chosen the monthly or daily lens option.

We will then invite you for regular check-ups to ensure the vision and health of the eye are at their very best.

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Did you know?

  • "If you could buy a camera with the same resolution as your eye it would take over 50 days to load an image on your computer!"

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