Sports Vision

Sports Vision

Sports vision has a massive effect on the performance of athletes, whether they are professionals at the peak of their careers or amateurs who just want to improve their golf swing or knock a few seconds off their personal best.

Our Managing Director Alastair Wade is one of the country’s tops sports vision therapists and has worked with a host of Olympians, including gold medal triple jumper Jonathan Edwards, and sports teams such as 2013 Championship-winning Durham County Cricket Club.

Sports vision therapy is essentially all about peripheral awareness and involves us performing a variety of different eye tests and exercises that will lead to improvement on the sporting field. This can be achieved, for example, through the prescription of specialist high performance sports glasses or tinted contact lenses.

If you are interested in our sports vision therapy services, please call for more information.

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  • "If you could buy a camera with the same resolution as your eye it would take over 50 days to load an image on your computer!"

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