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We have a large amount of experience in dealing with patients who have keratoconus and understand that it is much more complicated than most vision problems. By scanning all our keratoconic patient’s corneas we are able to order lenses that provide sharper vision as well as unrivalled comfort.
The choices of lenses we provide can also be greater than those provided within the NHS, please see the next section for more details.


Here at Wade Opticians we understand that managing keratoconus can be complicated and time consuming. When you sign for a fitting with us it includes as many appointments as deemed necessary, so there is no long wait between appointments. We also dedicate up to 30 minutes per appointment so you never feel rushed, and have no long waiting lists like the NHS.





When we fit contact lenses we use a combination of corneal topography scanning and lens assessments using a biomicroscope. We feel that by using technology to help us know more about the shape of your cornea we are able to provide you with lenses that are both comfortable and provide excellent vision.




Lens Technologies

See the next section for the wide range of potential lens technologies we can use.




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Did you know?

  • "If you could buy a camera with the same resolution as your eye it would take over 50 days to load an image on your computer!"

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