Colour Vision Explained

Colour vision is a deficiency within the eye that causes the chemicals responsible for colour definition to be imbalanced. The result is that patients often describe difficulty distinguishing between certain colours, and grey colours. The extent to which a patient can distinguish colours can range from little or no difference to having a massive impact upon their life.

Distinguishing Colours

cvd-1.jpgThe picture above best describes what a colour blind person sees. If you cannot see any difference between the two pictures chances are you are red-green colour blind.

Your Options

If you feel you are colour blind and would like to do something about it we strongly recommend booking an appointment with one of colour vision specialists. We can include an initial test with a standard eye appointment for no extra charge.

If you are colour blind

If you are colour deficient we can offer the option of a full investigative appointment. This will last up to four hours, for contact lens correction, during which time the optometrist will attain a colour prescription suitable to enhance your colourvision. 


Colour vision correction comes in two forms either Contact lenses or spectacles. Both options are supplied under the Chromagen branding by Cantor and Nissel.

For more information regarding Chromagen visit Cantor and Nissel's website.

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