New Contact lenses are great for people who prefer not to wear glasses, particularly if they play sport or do an activity where spectacles can get in the way.

There are many different types of contact lenses and when you come to one of our practices in the North East, we can advise you on the ones that will be most suitable for you. We are even happy for you to test some free of charge until you find the ones you like the best. With prices starting from as low as £15, including aftercare, and with flexible payment options also available there has never been a better time to try contact lenses.

The lenses we provide are:

  • Daily lenses – the advantage of these lenses is they can be removed at the end of each day and replaced with a fresh pair the following day, without the need to leave them in a solution. Ideal for people who play lots of sport.
  • Monthly lenses – these are most popular lens type. They still should be removed each evening but stored in a solution and used again the next day. The advantage of these lenses is that they are more comfortable and can be worn longer than daily lenses.
  • Continuous wear lenses – these can be worn day and night for up to 30 days so there is no need to put them in a solution or replace them daily. Advanced materials enable these lenses to allow significantly more oxygen to your eyes so they remain healthy. They can also be used to correct astigmatism.
  • Varifocal and multifocal lenses – these are a great option for people who wear lenses but also need glasses for reading. They can correct distance and near vision in one contact lens, in a similar way to varifocal glasses. Varifocal contact lenses can be replaced daily.
  • Ortho K lenses – these are soft lenses that are worn at night and which correct your vision while you sleep so you don’t require and prescriptive aid during the day. Click here for more information.

For further information please contact us.